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Created June 20, 1997
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Intuitive HeartTM

A Spiritual Discovery Process for Individuals, Partners, Groups & Communities

Discovering Our Intuition to Become in Harmony* with the World

*in contrast to "getting ahead in the world."

Henry Reed

A practical method for the development and understanding of using intuition in your daily life. Based on the work of Edgar Cayce and developed by noted dream and intuition researcher Henry Reed, PhD.

Discover Your Intuition Helping Others

A new breakthrough in intuition research reveals that most people are naturally intuitive ­­ they just don't realize it. Their intuition comes out when they care about someone. It's their empathy that acts as the intuitive connection.

The discovery comes from my work on dreams, creativity and communication. Now people are taking advantage of this new learning experience created by this research, using it as a way for them to learn about their intution, while deepening their skills in a safe and supportive spiritual environment.

It is Intuitive Heart™ The Spiritual Discovery Group Process, a series of safe and fun-filled exercises and guided discussions designed to help the participants discover their own inner knowing, not only about themselves, but all others as well.

The process gives immediate proof that we are all intimately connected, and that we can control and use our intuition to the good of ourselves and those whose lives we touch.

The Intuitive Heart Discovery Group is a unique small group training program for intuition development within a spiritual context. Here are its special features:

1)      The curriculum consists of CD with an instruction manual and with guided meditations.

2)      The instruction manual provides for a “self-help” group format, with no leader required.

3)      It is a six session training program. Each session focuses on a different training exercise. These exercises have been well-tested and documented. The theoretical rationale and results for most of these exercises have been published in peer reviewed, scholarly journals.

4)      The exercises focus on the goal of receiving intuitive guidance for oneself, for providing intuitive communication between individuals, and for individuals and the group to provide intuitive guidance for someone in need.

5)      The spiritual context of the intuitive training is to improve intuition, not for individuals to “get ahead” in the world, but for individuals to become “in harmony” with each other and the world.

6)      The principle Edgar Cayce axiom guiding the exercises is “The purpose of the heart is to know yourself to be your individual self and one with All.”

7)      The training prepares the individual to grow into awareness of interconnectedness while simultaneously enhancing the feeling of individuality

8)      Although the curriculum is designed for a self-help group, mentorship by the course creator, Henry Reed, Ph.D. is available for anyone wishing to be certified by the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies as a certified Intuitive Heart instructor.

9) There is a level 2 and now a level 3 in the works. Special teacher training seminars are given to explore additional ways of serving others with this material to generate additional lines of revenue.

We invite you to explore this website to find out how you can develop your own Intuitive Heart™ and then learn to share it with others!