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2: Create a New Heart
3: Dream Helper Ceremony
4: Getting to Know You
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6: Inspirational Writing

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The Mentorship Program

 Background Reading

A Sharing of Inspirational Writing

that Followed the ďSymphony of SoulsĒ


Free on Wings

To free myself on birds of wing,

To fly oíer field and stream,

To meet myself in all there is.

Oh, how to find the wings in me

I still do not know,

My heart is yearning, screaming still

To find the way

To let myself go

Without fear or pain or hope

To just be with me, with you, with all.

Perhaps the answer is here today--

In this room, inside of me;

Perhaps its been there all along

And I just wasnít listening.

I open my ears, my heart to you

Wherever you may be--

Speak to me!

I hear your voice in me.

And then I hear you no more.

Oh where is it that you go?

So elusive, so mysterious--so me!

Sometimes I feel so close to you--

At other times so far away;

I wonder if Iím afraid of you

Or if youíre afraid of me.

Fly into the Unknown

I take the flight of the unknown.  I wing my way into the universe; there is a feeling of leaving, of entering into a world where there are no boundaries.  I take flight, I fly, I dream, I sore [sic].  I am free.  The breeze blows; I lift higher; the air is cool and brisk.  My head is light, I see light; there is no horizon.  I turn, I fely, I somersault through space.  I enjoy the presence of the sun.  Its light fills my soul.  I em engulfed in its light.  I drop then climb, turning I loosen all that tethers me.  Great weights fall to earth.  I am without any hinderances.  I am free.  There is a destiny.  I have a long way to go but I have gone a long way.  It is my journey.  I am love.

I Cry for Me

I am so peaceful.  I just need to cry to let go of the sadness that has been in my life so that I can go on from here.  I cry for me.

A Banquet of Joy

God how full of joy and energy is your creation as we gather together--singers and bearers of witness of your spirit.  A beautiful flower opens and I am but a minor witness and am so grateful to be a part of this human family and that there would be this opportunity, this form, to allow such a fullness to manifest for us today that you grant us voices to express our feelings that we have the means to express our joy our spirit and feel the human family of people, God as family, God as people--so much love as we are many splendored beings joined in the pleasure of sharing and in the presence--sharing presence, sharing loving energy being together inspired unfolding and so as it is today and we here we open we love we try and are willing to do our part to contribute our energy into this project of the human family. The seeking and longing is so great and God provides those things to allow the humanity to join together in worship in humanship communion.  The message is banquet, the message is group, the message is gratitude and that the cup runneth over.  And for you, dear channel who brought this here, what weíve to say to you is have faith youíve had the experience and in your faith you can taste the rest. Proceed patiently--do it, work at it, enjoy.

Holy is a Joyful Noise!

Holy is the person who hears the sounds of the universe, and feels free to be attuned to them.  Sounds, sounds, sounds feel good, feel energetic - all sounds are energy and energy is what WE are - we are the Solid expression of energy, but no less vibrant than the sounds we hear in our world.  Birds sing, bears grunt, fish suck and flies buzz - all sounds that are different wave lengths of energy, a part of us, and a part of the universe. We are one - and though our vibrations are different, we are all part of the whole - the energy of the universe.  We are the holy ones, they are the holy ones, and each vibration that reaches our ears, whether its the rustle of the leaves, the sound of the cricket, the frog calls in spring, the slither of the snake - all is a representation of our wholeness our holiness, our union with the universe, with God.  Our souls vibrate to our own tune - the person next to me vibrates differently, but together, our vibrations make a unity with all other vibrations to make us whole/holy.  Oneness is not a mystery - it is what is!  We are a part of a picture, part of the whole - no mystery - just what is! So sing out, make a joyful noise!

Let Loose in Light

Sound and light...flashes from the dark... penetrating the woods and streaming within my shell as I loose the wall, my body, and succumb to the rays of light and the rhythm of chords shaking and quickening my nerves... To loose oneself--myself--to feel, to become, to emerge, to blend, to grow, to love, and be, without form, without parameters--selfless, pleased, yet spilling over; gathering, collecting, slithering across, melting onto and into, not but am--quiet but loud--no concept of body, just visions, feeling, a pulse without rhythm, a movement without a beat--sometimes lost, sometimes found--but through it all, mine and me.

Do the Music










willgo withtowhere to the



whither eyeseall

which youcomeandI

gothe little mountain in

the woods allcovered with

rime in the starkdarkday

listen to the sound of beat

getting there all alone it

does have a sound and it

I listen down the scale

It wants--is it withthe

sound goes quietly and

youcan go around with

all of you to the end with


climbing butnoyouyget

on the ledge and it is

high wait

it will fall upon you, it will

arrive burning a hole in

the valley, and if it dies

it will fertilize in

such a time do not hesitate

but go quickly to the

ground and do the music.

Vibrating Big

I am vibrating, I have a big vibrating empty space thatís filling my chest. I wandered through many worlds.  I came from the depth of the jungle, roaring like a lion, being part of the symphony of all animals.  I experienced fullness, then the sky opened and I found myself in Heaven.  Itís light and a fine music of bells is playing.  I feel the necessity to go down to earth again to find my roots in a huge Chinese vibrating gong, which enters my whole body, dissolves it and opens it to the sky.  I meet my sisters through the chanting.  We are chanting in a monastery in Tibet. My heart opens on this vibration.  I return again to the depth, this time into the ocean.  I am a big whale and I am part of the sea world.  I hear my brothers, the dolphins.  It seems like I am wandering through many incarnations and I am part of this whole creation: plants, animals, nature, brothers and sisters.  I am one with the universe.  But my journey is not yet finished.

Letís Hear Your Sound!

Iíve heard the sound of oneness.  It is the harmony of souls. One out of many, many blending into one, yet each being itself.

So you may find your own inner harmony by letting all your inner voices be heard without fear.  They will blend into the richness that is the whole of yourself.

I Want to Be Free

Sensing feeling toasting tasting goodness and light is life is like apples and peaches and dishes delightfully different and timely and true is always in me and also in you and ewe is to me the time is to be is fun and full and fancy and free for now is the time is never too ripe to come or to go on top of the life of the whole and the half of Oscar [her dying dog] and me and time is to time is to time is to be is fancy and free for always you see and to take what is given is given for free.

Falling and catching the rays of the sun and Oscar is caring for me and all that I ask is to somehow be free for the time is at hand and I know I can be tempted to tell her to give more to me but to tell you the truth Iíd rather be free for the time and the tide is turning to me to be tempted to take what is given to me.

Otherwise known as the flight of the free and the butterfly cannot know what its to be but when answers flow freely we often can see that to know is to no but to do is to be and the more it occurs to me I can be free.

If at some time the lights come on low and thereís nobody home and thereís nowhere to go it is sinful to sit and to ask for the fire while thereís life in the attic or under the stairs and to ask that there never Oscar for share but to put the unendingness out in the air to feel it to taste it to mask it in fame or in fortune to surrender its name and to comfort it call it home from its place is to see it become another oneís face. Another oneís fate is to end up like but to sit and to wallow it under a tree. Come home donít go out into the dark night be lonely and lonesome a terrible fright.  My friend is alone and I am alone I will I go on without Oscar at home.  The answers not here or in there or out there but somewhere in doing and sharing and caring and putting and taking the life that I know will give me the freedom to capture the  glow.  At home or at work at times of degree to expect that my answer ill always be free except that it somehow is coming to me.  Anticipate hardly and hardly to know that exception is made to the world that I know to come to me timely and also be free but to put it so mildly I want to be free.

The Channel is Opening

The power and exhuberance I feel the energy blessed with grace and fun the channel is opening as I give forth from this today and let it be knowing how I feel to let it be you and me and for all to see where we are I can feel it and it feels good today to be here and have it and to be with the people the intimacy of the encounter as we let ourselves ber and give these blessings.

ďTo Mother on Her DayĒ

Mommy, Mommy!

Please donít leave me--

   not now.

Thereís too much loving left to do.

I havenít let you really love me.

I havenít let me really love you.

Itís been too scary to be so close;

Iíve been afraid of your power;

Iíve stopped myself from feeling/

from being/from knowing



This is a new page now--

A blank sheet to create who I am/Who you are;

To let go of protecting, trying, evaluating, knowing;

To just be with you/with me being with you.

Iím sorry, Mommy!

Iím sorry for what we may have missed--

And I forgive me/you for having it be however

We had it be.


Letís leave the past and create a future

For my children and their children and

Their childrenís children.

Children: The child in you/in me that goes on forever.

I love the child in you/in me/in my children.

Thank you for letting me know the child in you;

Thank you for contributing that aliveness of being to me.

Iíll always treasure that in you.


I am with you.

You are with me--always!

I feel your presence across the miles.

I feel you across the channels of our being--

Connection is all.

You canít really leave me as long as I keep my love alive;

And you canít love me unless I keep my love alive in me.

Iíll always value the power and joy of keeping my love alive.

Thank you for showing me the way;

Thank you for giving me my life.

I love you.




Your Daughter

Here to Enjoy Life

I feel high, wonderful, tired, full of love - yes - daughter of light and darkness, you are here to enjoy, be yourself, go within, turn on and let go for that is so, though I go through the shadow of darkness I feel no evil for you are love - yes - I feel like crying, Iím thirsty and happy.  Go forth child and you will receive.  You have the power to give and receive.  Let go and let God - yes - Kathy, my daughter of Life, you will be safe, go on.  Bless you for I am the Power.  I see a little daughter, blonde hair and blue eyes, running down the mountain.

All Unique in Our Own Way

The stream is icy cold and the wind is gently blowing the leaves on the trees.  A small deer comes to the running water to take a drink and notices a tiny tadpole in the water, the deer looks with amazement as he also sees a tadpole that is just starting to turn into a frog--as the deer looks more closely, he sees a fully developed frog sitting on a lily pad.  Then the deer starts to think how uneventful his life must be since he only changes by getting larger and maybe developing some antlers.  As the deer stands at the stream feeling very sad, the tadpole looks at the deer and speaks to him saying, ďWe are all unique in our own way. Just because we develop in stages to become an adult frog, you must also develop my learning new and exciting things in the world.  For instance, you noticed we tadpoles turning into frogs. Just the fact that you noticed that fact, that made you develop yourself more.Ē  So we are unique in that way.

See How Easy It Is

I am Marie, son of God, lover of his sons, love incarnate. I came here to teach the world and to love myself for there is no other...there is only One.  We are one and love is all there is. So I look at my brother in wonderment and see the Christ in him, not his body but his soul and spirit...Ah the wonder - I do not see the race mind consciousness of man for that is false and an illusion.  I see the Divine Essence for there is nothing else.  I came here to teach this to all men that this is what they are and nothing else exists for there is only One reality - and that is the Christedness in all.  So see your God in man - that is all we need to know...that is all we need to do.  Trust that when you do there is nothing that love cannot heal.  There is nothing known to man other than this that will work the miracles the world needs.  Start with one, and then another, then believe that as the ocean tides lap at the shores and leaves its trace of ripples, that a ripple will occur when today you reach out to one person who will touch another and that one will touch another. See how easy it is.  Only you make it hard for love is simple, it requires no accoutrements of the outside world, only a gentle unfolding peace within you.  So you see why it is important to touch first yourself in healing for that is the principle of oneness.  You cannot love until you first love and heal self.  It begins with you and there is no healing that does not begin with self.

Release your need to heal others before this is accomplished.  First you need to take the matter in hand within your own confines and then you need to do nothing.  Se how simple it is.  Again, only you make it difficult.  Now go in peace to love and serve the world.

I Open to the Truth

I am not alone--I am in touch with that thing which created all there is--I am a part--a major part of the ďAll there isĒ.  I can use the connection for my good.  I can analyse the connection or go with it without thinking to wherever it takes me.  I can let go of the fear of flying.  I can be who I am in the midst of what seems to be chaos.  I am not, however, a part of the chaos.  I am, in fact, a meditation of sorts--planned and executed in a perfect way for a perfect life.  The force of life within me is a powerful substitute for truth.  I can allow the true truth to emerge as I reconnect with the truth of my being.  It is so much like play-acting but it is not is work.  I choose the work cut out for me by the creative force.  I wish it--I like it--I love it--and I can do it and I do it.  I let go of whatever holds me back and I trust and have faith in the truth.  I lighten up.  I laugh.  I notice the fun.  I do not even know what isnít necessary for fun and lightness.  My support comes from the truth embedded in those around me.  I donít even see the lacks.  I see only the truth.  I accept into myself only the truth.  I fend off easily the untruths.  I open myself to ALL TRUTH.  I close myself off to that which isnít necessary to allow me to expand my life. I let it slide off me like drops of water off a duckís back.  I look for and see the wonderful truths of life.  I find them. They loosen me up and cause me to smile with my heart.  I love the feelings.  I cultivate the positive.  I let the folks around me feed me the truth.  I notice how happy and light it makes me feel.  I love life.  I notice I can pass it on.  I join with my fellow beings in making a kind harmony which supports us all in a healthy way.  We heal one another.  I let go and feel safe and feel fulfilled and open myself up for fulfillment and satisfaction in all ways.  I begin to choose it the way I want it.  I visualize it the way I want it.  I receive it the way I want it.  There is nothing outside me which can keep my good from me.  I therefore choose my life.  This makes me smile and feel good all over.  I feel a certain power over my own life.  I feel good and released.

At One With All

At one with all

Total peace

Total love

I went to my true home.

White beautiful clouds

And a pure light

That was me.

Tears of joy

Harmony is love.

A new me, the real me.

No place Iíve ever been

Can match my home.

Want this always.

This is my goal

For my family.

Vulnerability is a Tingling Sensation

I feel a tingling sensation in my body.  I feel warm.  My legs feel numb.  My left ear itches.  My toes are numb.  I hear a piano playing.  My soul has been released a little more.  I wish to know who I really am.  The crying from the lady nearby allows me to realize that I miss my father.  I have a closeness, a tingling sensation in my spine and brain.  I feel for this lady. It is OK to be myself.  It is OK to be vulnerable to God, to other human beings.  I feel good, a strong sense of release. Itís OK to care.  Itís OK to experience the pain of others.  I am grateful that I came to this training seminar.  I feel God in our presence.  It is OK even though I forgot to bless everyone to be themselves.  Itís OK because Iím doing this now.  Bless everyone here.  Itís OK.

To Be Me

now its a coma tera tura masta marta take masta haber nambur hefy hasta tuke take mira nota teache en must take tusate take home norge leshb puenela grew naster to but lake luf if its a thing of a source cent cewn centa tor y denn cente can it be of a purer no no nu t and cerny no it its s nsomething can it be really something what is what whatis something what is it trying to be something what is is something trying to be is is it is it is it something trying to be something else what r what is it trying to be?  or is it jest something without trying what is if is it me trying to be something is it in me trying to be something am I trying to beeme something?  What am I trying to be what Am I trying to be what am am I trying to be yes what am I (1) what am I? (2) what am I trying to be?  I am trying to be me.

Open Yourself to the Wind

I am a channel - no negatives, no positive.  It simply is. How can I tell you what to do?  You already know.  You are loved.  You are accepted as you are - many talents - many gifts.  Nothing will hurt you - it is time to grow - you are a child, open to the wind.  Let the wind carry you.  Open yourself to it.  Donít be afraid.  I am with you - even when you doubt.  Have I not shown you?  Donít be afraid.  There are many rivers - many channels. But you must be open to it.  Say yes to growth.  It will not hurt you.  You will not be alone forever but you must be open to it. Relax.  Go.  They will not harm you.  You must trust the process. Like this writing.  It seems silly to you at first.  Doubt that thereís any truth to it?  It is like that.  What seems absurd may hold truth - no matter how small.  Trust it.  I will lead you wherever it leads.  Go.

Iím on the Right Track

I feel relaxed, foolish, not physically as well as Iíd like to feel.  I realize I have trouble loosening up and becoming childlike, so Iím quite shy, although my outer image and countenance does not show this.  I usually am very outgoing to others, friendly, and receptive.  I feel a relaxed attitude in this room at this moment.  I have read the book, Healing the Child Within, so this has been especially good for me to relate to and much about what this experience is about I have learned by research on my own, so unbeknownst to me I am on the right track to becoming more of myself.

Flight of the Cardinal

Thereís a cardinal thatís singing just outside my door.  He looks a lot like me.

Freedomís what I want now

Freedomís what I need

Donít have to be no martyr

Just do the just manís deed

Freedomís where Iím going, yah

Freedomís coming my way

I can see the sun arising

I can see itís a bright new day

Over the hills and far, far away

Under a rock over by the guy draws me

Shine forth be one - be my all

My inspiration

So many souls, so many lives

So many ways, only one God

Only one Source

Only one force

See me,

Feel me,

Touch me,

Heal me.

Itís only a breath away

Let me loose and free, just like body

Amen and men shall be one

Lotus and sun

Tears and rain

Laughter and joy

Fear and pain

So much to see and experience

So much, so much healing being done

I wish I could be as free as the

Cardinal in me, or the morning doves

So softly coming

The singing Lark as free could I be

With the morning sun shining

from the centre of the sea

Let me be

Set me free

Freedom is a word

Freedom is a deed

Freedomís what Iím really after

Freedomís all I need

Today is the day

Good Friday

Let me be in the garden each day

Let my thoughts be your thoughts

Life I love and hate

But only a reflection of the star of the sea

My bright morning star

Carry me far

The cardinal came crashing through my window today; I watch him die and bleed so I could be free.

Be Still and Noisy

I am a child of God, of the Universe, and the same with all that lives.  Today, yesterday and tomorrow are the same.  Forever means now, at this present moment.  I always live, in the now. Whenever I fear and doubt and think too much, I am captured and enslaved in the illusion of what is not truth.  I am in all that is, and was, and will ever be.  When I am child like, I am God like.  I can always return to my true nature by entering into my true home, my true self, my centeredness.  I have all the help I need.  I need not fear.  I am with you always.  Be still and be noisy with nature, naturally.  Go to the sea, earth, smells, sounds and imitate.  Imagine and relive your soul sounds.  You are all of life and all of death as well.  You are one with all creation for you have and always will be creator, simultaneously! I love you and I love all who are me and life now and always. Peace!  You are now healing yourselves.  Noise and laughter, screams and yippies are all needed to be real.  Break the shell of promises and dreams if they are what you have manufactured for safety.  You need not be safe, for you are not in a space where danger is an option.  You are perfect, and everything else is an illusion.  It is an act in a play so you could make it up when you needed to, in order to live, to cope until you were ready to live freely as beautiful, forever young, forever innocent, forever free, to continue to presently create and be created by life.  Be still and love and laugh and listen well to yourself in others.

To Be Fluid

My God, that was powerful!  At the end I was into the Music of the Spheres.  Wanted to break forth into powerful music, like a Halleleujah Chorus.  Listening for other sympathetic notes, feeling the sounds begin to blend into a coherent whole, and imagining, sensing the possibilities if we all joined in harmony and sang our song together.  I am tingling all over--still.  And hungry!  Is the hunger symbolic as well as real?  Our conductor has guts for sure.  Or is un-self-conscious.  Or should self-consciousness as we know it be more rightly called ďother consciousnessĒ because it involves our focusing on others and specifically on their judgments of us?  It was dangerous to us as kids.  How dangerous is it now?  Appropriateness--the magic word. Being appropriate.  Our teacher knows how to do it.  To be fluid.  To go with the flow of the environment (adapt) yet remain who she is.  Being fluid.

Not So Serious!

The air is clear, the sky blue.  Hazy sunshine blesses the earth.  I can hear the angels singing celestial songs that go on and on, singing of the infinity of Godís eternal love and of the Universeís watchfulness of all creation.  I now live and move in timelessness, in Eternity.

   Sometimes souls dip down into the earth plane for a special lesson and then return as time travelers who have become enlightened by understanding their purpose in an endarkened world.  Upon return they are surprised at the pain and joy theyíve encountered and experienced.  I see myself encountering a loving, joyful relationship and for this I give thanks.

   I realize that what I think on the earth place is of such great magnitude is really just a tiny, tiny path of the Whole. My throat chakra seems to open as I understand this.  My ears are starting to calm down and open.  I realize that by straining to hear I have been blocking my ears.

   Shivers of truth and energy shoot through my body. Empowerment is experienced as I become aware of my True Identity. This is a way of healing and of energizing me to finish the race which is set before me.

   PRAYER:  Lord, keep me from taking myself too seriously!

More Light Thanís Bearable

Ocean waves licking the sand golden clouds tears on all this beauty realize the world weíre in all the people that are good, if only everybody could see it, life is so short how can be there all this that is good.  There is more light than people can bear. The sky is full of energy we all can feel it, but you canít open up.  Then absorb it and share it give it on to others.  So they can learn.  Many live with their eyes closed.  Good amongst people.  There is power amongst us, power to teach to the innocents, we only live at the top of the veil.  A little is shown to us, mostly to close up, absorbed in the daily, but we know itís there, but we donít know how to use it, we must share this cosmic knowledge.  It helps us along on our way to a higher point.  Thought are like beams, rays of power that are shot into the cosmos and stay there.  We are here to share our thoughts, but only good thoughts.  Clean yourself of negative ideas.  Cows in pastures, green yellow sea, blue, white and the music the music will heal everything - death is just a passage into the light and freedom of pain.  Stars and heavens other planets where there is life.  Even eternal life is too short, there is so much to do, and how much are we using?  Love with a Capital L is the most important thing in life - Love is God, God is Love - Give of it as much as you can - there is more enough of it.  give and you shall receive it back manifold.

Singing Praise to Creation!

As I listen to the sounds I long for color and silence.  The trees glisten with reflected light flowing to the floor of moss and earth, leaves and pine needles.  There are fairy creatures here, leprechauns and fire flies dancing - leaping from leaf to leaf.  Dragon flies carry tiny beings - and

   There is a fair ring - gossamer wings and light things.  My soul sings as I feel the air, smell the green and pregnant woods, hold life close and know that Love abounds in all - with all.  Oneness without body, without words, without fear or sorrow.

   Dark, soft shadows, sunlight and silver bells, dew drops and butterflies - all soft as a new summer day, a summer breeze.

   I AM FREE - to be me - to be ONE with the air.  I float upon the breeze.  I am the tiny swallow, the Giant Eagle, the acorn in the tree, the Gnome, the Giant that is me.

   This is a wonderful I see.  I feel.  I smell.  I know and am known.  To Be or not to Be, manifest/unmanifest, Joyful, Singing, Praising all Creation.

   A Shaft of Golden Light - lights a greening mound.  A woodland throne.  Come Elf King and Fairy Princess.  Tiny mounts - all white - steeds for Elfin princes - all with silver bells. - and Hark!  A company of singing dwarfs - blending lovely sounds - like Monks singing praise to all Creation.

What Do I Create with My Gift?

I need to relax more, trust more, learn how to be me - simply let go of all these old inhibitions.

   These birds of a feather and I am one of these strange birds.

   We need to draw closer to one another.  It is written and little understood, but we are learning to appreciate our likenesses and our differences.  We are all one with the One who made us as we are.  Be happy to be who I am and glad you are my brother.

   I like there but I am still afraid.  I must learn not to fear my feelings or those of others.  I am not Godís critic.  I am His child, just as these are His children.  We are free to choose our path and to help each other along the way we have chosen.  It is right that it is so.

   The Spirit that brings us together is One.  We are part of one another and part of God, our Creator.  We, too, are creators. What am I creating with my gift of life?

   How can I improve upon my approach to life?  What an I contribute?  Each of us has a contribution we can make, thus I must have one that is my task here.  Now I need to find/recognize it and feel good about the progress.  I am making toward wholeness and well-being during my brief sojourn on this planet.  If my gift is but a small one, let me make it to the highest level possible.

I Accept Love!

Oneness is the source of all life to be is to do to be one is to sacrifice to love is to grow to grow is to be to be is to be one oneness is to be is to be seen to see is to do to do is to love to love is to like to like is to be.

   Tomorrow the waves, the sky, the sea the sand under my feet soft and let me know my contact wiht the earth.  Looking at my feet, I see myself now as who I am on the earth going down through the earth connected raising up ambiatory able to do walking moving I see my legs, my feet, and know I am here now with who Iím supposed to be a teacher a friend gentle, but about my business love, harmony my feet feel the grains of the sand--each one like a moment in time--connected, yet all at once beneath my feet.

   I return to home the same?  No!  Changed, softer wiser a shell broken the seed sprouting the personality bowing down to the individuality, at last!

   I see my lover, handsome kind eyes love in his heart for me Am I worthy of such love from another?  My reason for not accepting is doubt of my worthiness.  Faith in God gives worthiness.  Be humble to accept Godís love gift.  I accept.  I accept!  I accept!  Be with me now in my moment of holding on, moments of fear, moments of doubt.  ďFear not, it is I.Ē  Itís only me, my love, itís only me.  Smile!  Be open!  Act as if I know God loves me--God loves me!  How can I remember?  I can remember! Relax and let...My eyes feel heavy...what is it they donít want to see?  The goodness....

Just Be There!

Love is of such a high vibration.  It is through the eyes of mankind that the emotion of love shines.  Love is that pure essence of light.  Light is all around each and every one of us and we must draw the light from our Electronic Bodies, the beloved mighty I Am presence, that exists within each and every one of us.  We must let this love flow from every cell of our being, forgetting the self.  The self, the ego is the destroyer of unconditional love.

   Unconditional love is that condition which knows no limitations - it just flows as a river pure and clean and clear with nothing obstructing its path; nothing to stop it on lifeís journey - it is natural and pure.  Let yourself see the God of LIght and Love within your fellowmen.  Cast away all thoughts of negativity -

Just be thee

Just be thee

The light in thee

Shall shine so bright

So pure

That all can see

The Light in thee

Love is the answer

Love is the key

The Essence of Divine

The music of the spheres is almost overpowering.  The souls rise up to follow Thee.  It is right that this should happen.  I find it everlasting in scope.

Nowhere do I see poverty but hope of spirit.

My Soul thirsts for Thee, O Father.  Thy Light and Love surround my every Being with praise and love divine.

Everywhere souls adore Thee because they are of Thee.

We are One - we are co-creators with Thee.

O Blessed Father/Mother God, I adore Thee as my Source.

The Light of my Soul is One

One of Beingness.

The Essence of the Divine is in me, around me,

IS me.

I am Spirit,

Spirit Divine,

Not Lost, not last, but One with Thee.

The Christ Essence is with me

We are One,

The only Source, the only Cosmos of Being.

O Star Divine,

I am the Star Divine

I am the dust of which the Star is made;

I made the Star.

My beingness springs forth FROM my Beingness INTO my Beingness, of my Wholeness

When I touch that Star.

O gentle Christ, touch my Beingness with your hands of healing and wholeness and I will know that touch as I know

Thou art within me as part of me as my whole Being.

Tell me, gentle Joseph, that one is on the way of Peace and Light and I will know.

It is finished.

May my Crucifixion and my Resurrection be twofold: to cleanse my Soul, to be reborn of Thee as ONE.

Shanti   Shanti   Shanti


The transformation of my Soul is complete.

A True Friend Lets You Be Yourself

Life is so short by the time we learn to live itís over. But then why would we need to go on.  At that point itís time to start over with a new setting.  I love the good and the bad but are the bad just lessons that we donít like to learn, and we get the most out of.  The resisting of the ego is hard to deal with. My ego is my friend but I must keep my friends in the right perspective and not let my friends take over my life.  A true friend is the one who will let you be yourself.

The Answer I Must Stick With

Where do I go when I feel so strong about helping when my help is not wanted - who am I hurting by being silent when an injustice is occurring?  Is it any of my business - why am I trying or wanting to make it my business?  Love is a clue - where should my love be placed?  With the one who feels threatened by my invasion or the one I feel is being hurt monetarily by the action?  I love both and donít know which is - yes I feel I must not invade.  Somehow divine guidance will show the way to both. I have said enough.  The best I can do is love both people & help them with my encouragement & warmth.  This is the answer & I MUST stick with it - Otherwise I will continue to have my frustrating dreams as I did last night - let it go - you canít run everything - It may be best as it is going - forget that you think you know better - it may not be the case and then what [word illegible] you may have wrought.

Just Write!

I feel at peace with myself right now.  I have known for quite some time that I should write.  I realize that my resistance is due to the fact that I wondered how others would receive what I have to say about it.

   Then I wonder about this:  ďHow does one edit a story in order to make sense of it all?Ē  But now Iím saying, ďWhat does it matter since all stories that are told in truth are incredibly beautiful.Ē An open and loving heart can only accept truth.  I need to just write the story.  In doing so I will also heal myself, thus becoming more receptive to Love.  I already have all the required information - it has already been recorded in my soul.  All I need to do is:  Justwrite!

The Invisible Becomes Evident

A fire flows through an electricity more than I can stand back and relax to let it come and keep your mind focussed on the higher flying of the soul bud you can imagine being lifted and the fire burns the shackles the cuffs are torn melted as it flows through now an ecstasy a rose feels as it opens is as you fiving love through sound can release it and now experience a more dynamic power coming through stronger more radiant yet contained I am an old woman, a wailer and I release through my voice feelings that extend beyond me and flow through all my people I have sung songs for ages as we have had need to give expression to feelingsp realities that we sense yet are invisible and I and my sisters would give voice to this energy and play it out like a church chiming or a factory whistling a community event in sound where the invisible becomes evident to all and how to bring this back to our people today allowing all to participate.

Better To Feel!

Now it begins - the coming - to me - to all - to all, to me. Now - the ever present NOW - ABBA - The beginning, the end and back and on and on.  Now is the hour - Now is the moment.  I step into the flames - the burning coals.  But I am one with it.  I has been waiting for me and I for it - marriage beyond death do we not part.  The procession goes on - and - on.  We are one.  We always were but now we are more than one and becoming more so.

   The energies are coalescing, blending - a new alloy of allies - stronger and gentler than before.

   All are ONE - ABBA - We are with you - You are with us. Forgive us our revelation, for we always knew this, yet did not allow ourselves to see.

   We will suffer for growth Father - But we are blessed to BE the Chosen Sufferers.



   WE are old souls, yet young in your eyes.

   Easter - Rebirth, and rebirth again.  Now is the hour and forever.  Suffering is a way of life and of death, but unimportant in its magnitude.  Small price - no price - set price to pay for the ticket to the joining with the one soul.

   We go forth gladly, with tears of joy.  The next wave to enter through the gates.  We are one.  We are done.

The Here and Now

Too relaxed to write, hand is heavy, chest is warm, breathing is slow.  Profound stillness inside, relaxed as if under a sedation.

   Hear plane outside that somehow as part of noise session but seemed to (did) go from prop plane to 747 jet sounds, sort of from past to present.

   Bringing oneself from past into

   the here and now and dealing with what is in front of you.

I Have Choice

I feel energized, excited, tingly, in tune, at one, peaceful, alert, vibrant, free, relaxed, sensitized, connected.

   This was fun, exciting, cooperative, freeing, friendly, cleansing, purposeful, powerful,

    My feelings are joyous, happiness, aliveness, up beat,

   I hope to remember this experience and be able to motivate myself at times of loneliness or sadness and effect these same feelings knowing I have choice.

   I see my situation with Martina in a new light.  Personal feelings seem small and insignificant compared to the availability of options and choice as far as loving relationship is concerned.  My dream work will be centered on this loving relationship until healing has manifested for both of us. Knowing Martina is love and light, a free spirit and soul of Godís divine light and wisdom - I know this is just a step in time on both our paths of Divine Guidance.

The Grand Canyon Channel

Openness, wide and expanding in all directions, is the other side of the physical.  Open as the Grand Canyon, yet without the walls to hold anything in.  My thoughts are as limitless as time and my heart feels full and loving toward myself and everyone else around me at this place.  I was at the edge of the atmosphere with clouds below and sky above.  I see the tropical islands where I know the water is warm, if I wish to enter, but I donít.  I want to continue flying.

   I see others in the distance.  Who are they?  I donít want to get too close for fear of ruining my own paradise, but I love for their close touch to embrace me when I know I will be weary at the end of the day.  But for now, I want to soar alone.

   The sun is going down, but I donít want to come down just yet.  While Iím here, I want to look at the planets.  They are so quiet and peaceful and individually beautiful.  Their uniqueness fascinates me and I want to explore them all.  I do.

   Then I wonder whatís beyond.  Iím going to look at the other stars.  Beautiful.  The galaxy is really very small.  But I donít want to go further.  I now go home.

I am One With Everyone

Overwhelming love and peace, unity.  Buddhist monks: The power of vibration in the universe.  Sending love, praying for us, making it right.  They pray together for Godliness.  They pray together for unified consciousness to draw us near to immortality? spirituality? unity? goodness? an indefinable something. Overwhelming joining with the universe and other consciousness, a big TV station satellite dish.  I need this experience.  I need to go to them.  I am with them even though I am here.  I do not need the physical presence to be one.  I love you.  Perhaps my life should be spent in good works, but my mission is elsewhere. I am an emissary.  Not for me to sit on the mountain.  They have sent me to do their work.  I am an agent of them and of consciousness.  A salesman of the soul? of unity? of harmony!  I have no name.  I have all names.  Names are unimportant.  They separate us.  I am...I am...I am one with everyone.

Feelings Moving

Vibrant, tearful, excited, joyful, full of life, loving, energy, flowing, through in, out coming, going, always there, tingling, smiling, happy, loving, believing in all, in self. Sharing, caring, moving, being, loving, interested, excited, life, love, friends, life time loves, shaking, cold, warm, feeling all, connected, people, universe, pain, sorrow, suffering, joy, love, overcoming, helping, extending hand, confidence, trusting, accepting, unconditional, understanding, giving of self, receiving of self, of others, longing, God, eternal, everywhere, everything, in all, thinking is being, friends, thinking is being with, life times, connected, knowing, helping, moving, rhythm, song, tones, echoes, melodies, music, prayer, talking, communicating, vibrations, pitch, high, low, middle, always, energy, soul mates, somewhere, forever, animal friends, nature God, tree life, insect small, significant, wonderful, thank you!

Symphony of Emotions

I am Unity, I am one with other people, & one with the animals and creatures of nature.  Each soul has his/her own vibratory note, harmony results from realizing our one-ness. Sounds send out emotional messages.  The different sounds express different emotions, painful sounds express painful emotions, beautiful sounds express beautiful emotions.

   All sounds are part of the overall symphony of humanity.  The cry of pain, needs to be expressed and to be heard as well as the shout of joy.  The sounds of anger need to be expressed and heard as well as the sounds of love and blessing.  We are multiple persons with multiple experiences and multiple emotions and the more we allow ourselves to feel our emotions and to become aware of our pain and our joy, the more we become whole, hale, healthy.

   To become total beings we need to feel all of our emotions and to express them in a non-violent way.  We need to be more aware of the emotions of others.  Emotions are not good or bad, emotions just are.

   As we become more aware of our own emotions, we can become more unified within our own soul, more unified with others, and more unified with the Universe.

As We Are

Cacophony of sound - peace - belonging - warm acceptance -

   People letting go - becoming vulnerable - allowing themselves to BE themselves - acceptance of each other AS WE ARE - not looking at the mask - but rather the person - seeing our connection with each other - acknowledging the work of each as equal beings - in Godís sight - acknowledging our differences and celebrating them - enjoying the now and searching beyond it - realizing our value, treasuring our existence - our gift of life - greeting those we meet with joy and kindness - looking for the best in self and others - demonstrating our sincerity and commitment - letting go of doubt and fear - replace it with knowledge and confidence that our path is right FOR US - and without judgement accept that the paths of others - so chosen - are right for them at this time a non-judgmental attitude is desirable.  An open mind and an open heart - a personal seeking within for what is the essence of our being - our reason for being in the earth plane - our pathway to develop the capacity to learn our lessons and the opportunity to put into practice our ideals via our thoughts and actions.

On The Wings of Love

I hear the sound of nosound, the sound of flowers.  Velvet soft as violets and pansies.  I hear the sound of low life geraniums, an accordion sound to a polka beat and the nasal cry of street vendors in petunias that grow softer in their night cries.  And the trumpeting of royal vetch splendid with a symphony of bell-like daisies and ringing, tinging blue-bells. The mystery sound, nosound of unopened roses like unopened doors and deep spirit places.

   My mother was born in the opening of a day-lily.  She rises full and beautiful, yellow wings spread so wide, her dress patterned in exotic, elegant designs.  She flies lightly and gracefully over the meadow, against the blue, blue sky.  She tips her wings to the poplar tree and pirouettes on its tulip lipped flowers, swoops down to embrace a faded dogwood blossom and converses with a resting bee.  My mother flies from my heart with her love, from child to child, from love to love from mystery to mystery and stirs all our wonder in her dance across the flowers, over the meadows, and through the endless, peerless sky.

Come Out Deep Flower

Lewaw leaw leaw leaw an eawl eawl leaw the dininzee nanob elishinder opferation emintuinon welingen if we are in amusing well we will ever be in one is not possible in the day in the old way we are in now hell no entity asks but never mind if end of all it is not our work but it is we donít know whether but the fields are open the windows in the yard the little insects crawling are in it and my hands are in it we always donít always are not in this place we give ourselves to the wigwam what is it we give what is there and each day it comes its solemn and in side with many purpose garden blazes if I go on will it go on, the - come out deep flower reign in air we will not touch you mophead, that is purpose glory that is an iris, but not a word, how did it come?  We canít bring it, and what matter never count it hangs in a string.  Down the stairs behind, each note lower soaking where it goes it wanders wavers slides going down from its hole in the top.

Let Your Joy Show

Itís like being a little child again, the little child that was always told to be quiet - This little child finally came out today.  You are alive.  You are well.  You can make noises and sing out loud.  You are charged with life.  Your vibrations opened all of your cells to experience life and JOY.

   You donít have to keep down your spirit, your exuberance, your meaning.  Let it out and let it show and let it GROW.

   You are a wonderful child of God who is so loved by the Universe.  You are PROTECTED and you have nothing to fear.

   Let your JOY show.  You have so much.

   You are exhilarated with LIFE - and you know how to LOVE and live well.  Believe it and it is yours.  You do believe it.

   Your soul is streaming with the energy of your new found JOY in this life of yours.  You have been awakening to the keys of activating your soulís purpose.  You are listening more and you are liking what you are hearing.  LISTEN MORE - IT ONLY GETS BETTER.

The Time Has Come

Fear not, thy time has come for all to hear and know that ye walk in the Light of Love.  Be not afraid that thou art; live, love, be joyous, for thou art as an example, a Light to shine for others to see, to follow.  You will lead through your actions, through patience, with encouragement and kindliness to others, through your thoughtful ways, your compassion, to share yourself and what you are and have always been.  He is with you in your endeavors.  Be not afraid, for He loves you and all will be yours, including Love and fulfillment.  Be as a guide that others may see your Light.  Alex, too, is with you, and this you know; there is no doubt; nor is there room for any doubt.  The time has come.  Your time has come, through longsuffering and pain, and through Love.  Understanding will come.  You will see, and you will know, you will truly know, and you will pass it on and be a teacher - the teacher and the leader you were always meant to be, and you will not do it alone.  You have courage and we love you. Love yourself and know and remember; for you do know.  Be not afraid - we are with you at all times.  Happiness and joy and love on the earth place are yours now.  You have come home.  It was necessary for you to go through all that you did to learn and understand so that you might help others, as you have always known you would.  Alex is guiding you, but not only you, he is guiding Freyda too, and loves you both more than you can ever imagine or understand.  Be certain, for this, above all else is true.  We love you.  We love you.  We love you.

Playful Monkey Shines

I am feeling dizzy, light vibrating open -- spiral, calm, swirling into my chest, heart, high, singing, want to move - stretch open - harmony peacefulness monkey playfulness, love, smiling faces.

A Conversation with God

God:My child?

Me: ?

God: My friend?

Me: !

God: My co-creator/co-participant?

Me: !!

God: Can you imagine my needing your help in a continual finishing of the world I created?

Me: !!* Gulp! *!*

God: Yes, thatís what I had in mind.  Please stay tuned.

Me: mmmm.

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