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The Mentorship Program

The Intuitive Heart Discovery Group

In this mentorship, I will help you to get the best by giving the best.

The Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group . . .
When you facilitate a group, you teach by example. Your curiosity about the exercises, your willingness to share of your experiences with the exercises, your support to the other members of the group--all these things are your gifts to the group. There's no lecturing involved, just sharing.

The Purpose of the Mentoring . . .
I provide this mentoring to help you make sure that you are able to have a group experience the miracles and mysteries of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process... The mentoring also helps focus your efforts, it gives you any needed support, and educates your powers of perception, so that you can be training your intuition as you facilitate the group.

Develop Your Skills . . .
During the group you will have the opportunity to learn and develop specific skills simply  by taking the responsibility for the group. Not only do your skills grow as you practice the exercises yourself, but you also develop your abilities by watching how others respond to the exercises. You'll discover that you will have intuitions about what is going on with the other participants.

The Mentor Format . . .
The mentoring begins after you purchase the material and starts with the task of assembling a group. Before the first session, you'll talk with me about the first session, and then some time after the first session we'll discuss how it went and then discuss the second session. And so it will go.

Hints on How to Benefit from Mentoring