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The Mentorship Program

 Preparation for the Sessions

Helpful Hints

Conducting an Intuitive Heart Discovery Group

Hints on Making Good Use of the Mentoring

  The Intuitive Heart Discovery Group is of the essence of sharing. It is about people learning how to be intuitive together. Your conducting, or hosting, a group, is a real service to the participants, as well as to yourself. You will be able to recognize aspects of yourself in the group members, and as you help them, you'll help yourself. Their varied reactions to the exercises will also help you recognize the various ways in which you respond to intuition.

Hosting a group can be as simple as having people take turns reading the instructions in the workbook. You can help by setting an example of openness, curiosity, non-defensiveness, and risk taking, and by sharing how you relate to the exercises. It is your belief in the value of practicing the exercises that is your main leadership value. It is not necessary to "teach" anything, or be able to "explain the theory." Enjoy doing the exercises and your enthusiasm will be contagious.

For each session there is some reading material, taken from the book, Caring for the Creative Spirit. It is on-line, here, for you, in this web-site. It is not the purpose of the reading material to prepare you to teach the exercise, or to have you lecture about what you have read. Instead, the purpose of the reading material is to give you advance exposure to the exercise and especially to sharpen your perceptions and tune your intuition to the many levels of experience you will encounter.

The mentoring with me can bring added depth to your experience, helping you to gain more from the group's experience. The mentoring presupposes that you read the background material for each exercise before the mentoring session, so that you can be familiar with the ideas that lie in the background of the exercises. The mentoring sessions provide you with an orientation, support, and a chance to ask questions. I also ask some questions of you, to get your thinking and intuition focused on the session's dynamics.

Each of our phone calls focuses on two sessions: the one you had the previous week... how did it go? and the one coming up... how are you going to handle it?

These are some of the questions I might discuss with you for each session:

1) What are the main learning experiences that the group members can have during this session?

2) What is the main contribution you can make to these learning experiences?

3) What aspect of the training do you anticipate will be most challenging for the participants?

4) What can you do to facilitate their meeting these challenges productively?

These are some of the follow up questions I discuss with you when we process the session the following week.

1)  What was the highlight of the session for you?

2)  What was your most challenging moment?

3)  What do you think the people gained from this session? How do you know?

Practicing the Intuitive Heart: The Video

The video is not an exact replica of the sessions, but it is an added resource. On the back of the video cover is shown the contents and approximate location of each video segment.

The first segment introduces me and my background in dreams. The second segment explains how I got from dreams to the Intuitive Heart. The third segment demonstrates me doing the first exercise, for session 1, in an earlier style that has subsequently be simplified. The following segment demonstrates my sharing the initial exercise with a large group. The I demonstrate the second exercise, using the self-hypnosis process to come up with a song about the Intuitive Heart. The next segment shows me setting up a dream helper ceremony within a large group, and the processing of the dreams. The remaining segments demonstrate sessions 4, 5 and 6.

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