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Artwork by Henry Reed, Ph.D.

The individuals listed as "Certified Providers" represent a growing network of lay and professional teachers throughout the country certified to teach Henry's unique Intuitive Heart™ Discovery Group. Please click on their name to meet each one personally.

Many present the work in a six-week workshop format, while some tailor the work to two-day weekend seminars. Many have incorporated The Intuitive Heart™ process into their existing specialties such as massage therapy, hypnosis, yoga, intuitive readings, Healing Touch, reiki, and the list goes on.

We'd like you to consider how Henry's work can assist you in fulfilling your desire to serve and help others, while at the same time bringing some additional money into your household. As Susan and Milt Sanderford have said, "We are both testimony that sharing this work can be both spiritually and materially rewarding!"

As of this date, these teachers have held dozens of workshops and seminars based in The Intuitive Heart™ process as developed by Henry Reed. They all have received personal mentoring by Dr. Reed himself.

This opportunity is open to you if you are searching for your life's mission in service to your fellow man.

To get started, e-mail or call Henry (276-579-2883) and he'll gladly answer your questions, with absolutely no obligation on your part.


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