The Intuitive Heart

Teacher Training and Certification Program

Conducted by Henry Reed, Ph.D.


History and Nature of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process


I’m deeply trained and ingrained in both the Edgar Cayce and Carl Jung traditions. I chose to pursue a career inventing methods to apply Cayce’s insights over a career as a Jungian analyst primarily because 1) while the Jungian model assumes a well trained and well paid expert, the Cayce model is based upon a self-help group of idealistically oriented people, and 2) while analysis had been thoroughly studied, no one had really invented a self-help group that used intuitive methods to teach a “new vision” of spirituality and healing. I rose to that challenge.


What is now the material of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Group Process started out as a twelve week workbook for use by Edgar Cayce Study Groups. It was called, “Psychic is of the Soul.” I distributed the material to interested groups, gave the leader a brief explanation of the overall purpose and structure of the materials, and let them go at it. I was very pleased at how much they could gain from these exercises with no “expert leader.” However, some of the questions and comments that came my way helped me to realize that although a group of untrained folks can read this material aloud to each other, try to exercises, and get a lot from them, a trained leader can help the folks realize, at a more conscious level, just what they have learned and its implications. Although designed as a leaderless, self-help group, it would actually go farther if it were promoted as something a teacher or leader could offer to their clients, friends, or colleagues. And so I began to revise the material under the new title, The Intuitive Heart Discovery Process. I have worked to certify many “teachers” since that time. When the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies was established at A.R.E. and then moved to Atlantic University, I donated the Intutive Heart rights to Atlantic University and in return, have been able to use that reference as the institutional foundation of the certification program. You can go to to see a list of currently active Intuitive Heart teachers.


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This program is structured, both educationally and financially, in such a way to appeal primarily to those who believe that they will incorporate the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process into their professional work. Thus, the assumed pre-requisite is that you will use this material and share it with others, having an economic engine to drive the process.


There is no pre-requisite for having had prior experience with the Intuitive Heart material. You may have, however, through attendance at one of A.R.E.’s psychic training conferences offered by myself and Carol Ann Liaros. The Intutive Heart Discovery tools have been presented at both the “Edgar Cayce Legacy” and the “Intuitive Imagination” for many years. I have also conducted many ARE field programs in which I included using various Intuitive Heart Discovery tools.


For several years now, I’ve offered the certification component as a stand-alone mentoring program.  The stand-alone appealed primarily to folks who had just taken one of the ARE programs and realized that they could easily share these methods with their friends and clientele. There was no need among these folks for a special training segment where they could experience the methods and learn about them. However, over the years, many folks had asked that I provide a special training program for wanna-be teachers, one that would give them the preparation they felt they needed in order to participate in the certification process.


What is one of the unique aspects of the Intuitive Heart Discovery methods is that they are easy, seemingly natural, and that most folks experience success with these methods regardless of their previous experience with intuition, or independent of any belief system. Thus, in actual fact, there are really no pre-requisites other than an interest in learning and sharing.


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The Financial Investment Required and Expected Return


The cost of room and board at The Big House is $350. You get three country gourmet meals a day. You can see some photos and comments from past residents at our Big House programs by going to The Big House Lodge and The Big House provides shuttle service, for a modest fee, from the Roanoke, VA airport.


The price of tuition is for our Big House programs is $695. It includes classes, manuals and audio-visual materials and a Mandala Medicine bag to hold it all.


The cost for the supervised practicum necessary for certification is normally $695, but is included here for only $550. The purpose is both to provide a financial incentive and also to guarantee that the trainee is committed to following up the training week by setting up their own group for supervised practice, a required to become certified.


For the follow-up, supervised practicum, I require that the trainee charge a tuition for participation in their group. The usual tuition is $125. Five paying people may be admitted to the group, for an income of $625, thereby reducing the net cost of your investment.


A payment plan is available.

There is a $395 deposit to hold your place. To use your credit card, click here!


The easy payment plan is as follows: After making the 395 deposit, a payment of 450 is due March 1, and a payment of 400 is due June 1. These payments may be made by credit card, Pay Pal, or check. The final payment of 350, payable by check to LaPrelles, is due upon arrival at the Big House.


The monthly payment plan is as follows: After making the initial 395 deposit, you  may make 7 monthly payments afterwards of $180 (by credit card or check, beginning December 1, through June 1),  with a final payment of $350, payable by check to LaPrelles, is due upon arrival at the Big House.


Payments to me may be by check (payable to Henry Reed, at 3777 Fox Creek Road, Mouth of Wilson, VA 24363), by credit card, arrange payments either by providing me with CC info, using Pay Pal to SEND MONEY to STARBUCK@LS.NET. You can call and talk to me most anytime at 1-800-398-1370.


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Current State of the Intuitive Heart Discovery Process


Today, I see the Intuitive Heart material to be somewhat like an “ark,” to help us glide gracefully into the new consciousness, one that has transcended boundaries, one that has evolved the ego to a witness-like role rather than its usual controlling role, and one that has moved beyond the metaphors of the three dimensional world and is now ready to live in the world of consciousness itself. Tthe Intuitive Heart Discovery Group process remains unique in the field of intuition and spirituality training. Here are some of its special features:


1) My Shamanic Initiation into dreams, Cayce, and Jungian spirituality:

From alcoholic to dreamer.Voices, Spring, 20(1), 62-29.


2) The “Dream Tent,” seed of discovery:

“Dream incubation: A reconstruction of a ritual in contemporary form.” Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 16, 53-70.


3) The Dream Tent inspires a group dreaming process:

“The Dream Helper Ceremony: A Small Group Paradigm for Transpersonal Dreaming.” Theta, Spring, 1990, Vol. 16 (1), pp. 12-20. (Beyond this initial article, you can go to to see links to most of the other research, etc. that has been published on this process.)


4) Learning about Intuitive Listening and Objective Subjectivity:

Intimacy and Psi: An initial exploration.Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 88, 327-360.


5) Learning the Intuitive Power of the Imagination:

"Close Encounters in the Liminal Zone: Explorations in Imaginal Communication." Journal of Analytical Psychology, 1996, Vol. 41, pp. 81-116; 203-226.


6) A most recent paper summarizing how the Intuitive Heart Discovery methods have led to a better understanding of how we “connect” with one another:

“When Hearts are Joined: My Story of Exploring Our Interconnectedness through Intuition.” ReVision, 2010, in press.



The Big House Residential Component


Folks arrive Sunday, July 31, in time for dinner at 6:30 PM. The Big House is the residence of the LaPrelle family, a Quaker family, whom past participants have come to love for their warmth and caring hospitality. And the food is great!

We have a daily schedule which includes three meals, four 90 minute class sessions, two meditations, and two movement/exercise activities. Evenings are somewhat free, although at the Intuitive Heart training, we  have some other things to do.

During our 20 class sessions, we will experience each of the six “lessons” from the first level of Intuitive Heart group training. We’ll also be training in how to set up a group, marketing. Although there is some time spent on how to “facilitate” each of the six lessons from book , our primary emphasis will be on how to extrapolate from what you teach in the six week discovery group to various platforms and opportunities for serving others with this material and adding new sources of revenue. We’ll also examine all three levels of the Intuitive Heart material, which culminates in “Healing Presence.”

Participants will receive copies of the Intuitive Heart book, the group training manual, and associated audio/visual material. There will also be made available, online, material for use in future groups and trainings.

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The Supervised, Certificate Training Component


After the Big House residential component, each participant will make arrangements to conduct their own group, using marketing materials prepared at the Big House program.

The trainee should have 5 paid attendees at this group.

I will be having phone consultations with the trainee as the group is being assembled. I will also be consulting with the trainee before and after each of the six group sessions. During the pre-group consultation, I’ll respond to questions the trainee may have. I also interview the trainee concerning their understanding of goals, assumptions, and methods involved in that lesson. After the group, during the post-group consultation, I discuss with the trainee how the session went, and provide suggestions on how to deal with any issues that might have arisen or questions from group members. I also interview the trainee to determine what was observed in the group that suggests that the learning objectives for that lesson were achieved. When I certify someone as an Intuitive Heart teacher, I am certifying that I am satisfied that this person can effectively facilitate the learning that is the goal of the Intuitive Heart training.

There is a reason that the certification process requires that you do a small group over six weeks rarther than a one day workshop. It is because, for certification purposes, I need to have consultation with the trainee both before and after each individual lesson, so that we can assure that the intent of the training is being delivered. After certification, there are many alternative ways of sharing this material, in personal sessions, in brief demonstrations, in one day workshops, and more. But for the purpose of the needed training, we need the time/opportunity advantage of working in the small group format during the certification training. Furthermore, whereas the small group format does not require of the teacher that s(he) engage in any didactic-type lecture behavior, when a trainer is working with a large group in a workshop format, the trainer does not have the opportunity to sit in with each group and be an example; instead, that trainer must be able to explain and demonstrate the methodology in such a manner that folks can then do it in their own little group within the larger workshop audience. So extra experience is required before a trainer can do that effectively. The best experience for that is to lead and be involved with, several small groups before taking it to large audiences from a stage.

Upon certification, the trainee is now free to use the title “Intuitive Heart” as part of any work they do. I provide consultation in how to adapt the exercises to brief workshops and how to use some of the exercises in other areas of work—counseling, healing, and interpersonal facilitation. Currently, there are no charges or fees for the certified teacher, nothing further owed to me, the Cayce Institute, etc. Teachers may purchase books, audio/visual material and training manuals to distribute to their classes. There is also a network of certified teachers with whom you can network. We are planning to build this network into a support system that will help us reach more people with this material. We are trusting that at the proper time, those using the Intuitive Heart materials will give back to their source, whether that being by further developing this material and sharing it with others, or being through such means that a portion of the economic flow is diverted back to the source of the materials, the copyright owners or others deemed appropriate, both paying forward and giving back.


Ask Your Heart


I think one of the better ways for you to decide if you would like to participate in this program is to ask your own heart. Here’s a link to the audio we use to train folks in the basic meditation: It is an .mp3 audio file. If you click on it, you will hear this 7-minute meditation on learning your heart’s truth. If you right-click on the link (in Windows), you’ll have the option of saving the audio file to your hard drive.

Listen to the meditation, practice it and see what your heart has to say about your attending this training and offering its benefits to others.


And, of course, if you have further questions, please contact me! Based upon what happened at last summer's teacher training, I’m anticipating a modest size group of highly motivated persons who respond intuitively to the approach I’ve been developing these past forty years. Maybe you’ll be one of them.




Henry Reed, Ph.D.


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