A special weekend Big House experience at Extremely Reduced Price


Friday evening to Sunday noon, May 16-18, 2014


   A Dream Helper Slumber Party, for grownups


The Dream Helper Ceremony is the flagship for all the Intuitive Heart discovery processes. "Intuitive Heart LIGHT" comes from that same royal linage. Utilizing the power of the DHC, this powerful weekend workshop focusing on our night time communicatin skills and the medicine it can create for people in need.

The ceremony began, informally, in the mid 1970's at a summer camp for kids in the Appalachian mountains. Then, a very young Dr. Henry Reed was recreating an ancient method of dream incubation, much like Asclepious, the Father of Medicine, did in ancient Greece.
At that ancient time, the person with discomfort came to the cave-like temples of Asclepious for help. They would spend the night in a special sleeping cell, hoping for a dream. The next morning the master would hear their dreams and tell them the cure they needed, as the dream revealed it to be.
I think Asclepious would be pleased to know that what began in a dry sleep cell has evolved into something juicy.

Getting real and serious help for real and serious issues has never been more exciting.

I began sharing this Dream Helper process as it's own special weekend retreat treat about 5 years ago. I've always been a prolific dreamer and I love how much good I can find in my dreams. As I worked with and developed a relationship with the Dream Helper Ceremony, I realized how much information our dreams are packed with. I want to share my findings. I want every dreamer to know how powerful they are - with both eyes closed!

Because I live in a rural area I needed my skeptical, hard working, practical neighbors to be my first clients, and they don't go in for "silly psychic stuff". The best way to approach them, I decided, was from a practical stand point. I asked for help. I asked my very neat, very reasonable lady neighbors to help me find out "if this crazy dream idea of Henry's would actually work". I effect, I dared them - and they took the bait. As a result, several women are, now, repeat attenders and any skeptisim is long gone.  As a continuing group, we've been privilaged to make certain observations about the process. We've noticed we are kinder, as a whole and more patient with others. We find we are more likely to see the issue before we argue with the person who seems to have it. We like ourselves better!
The Dream Helper Ceremony, as I present it during my "weekend warrior workshops", is much like a Dream Helper Slumber Party, for grownups. We gather together under the care of Great Spirit and join our dreams in a special manner to provide needed medicine for someone among us in real need. The experience is intimate and unforgettable. Going through the process has been proven to change the way we communicate, the way we operate, the way we see others and they way others see us.

One of my favorite comments about the Dream Helper process came after the very first dream helper weekend from a very Christian neighbor. I was surprised she came, given her particulary strict background. At the end of our weekend I asked her what she thought of her dream experience. She told me she loved it. It worked and she loved it and she didn't have to change one single thing she already believed in.
Thank God. 
 The idea is simple. A group of eight people meet up for dinner and some laughter. The next day we spend playing, dancing, sharing, eating and creating together. After dinner that evening, we invite Great Spirit to choose one lucky individual to act as our real-life focus person. That night we all collect our dreams and the next day we listen to the voice of Great Spirit speak to us through them. To make sure everyone has something to share the next morning, we spend some time the night before, learning how to remember our dreams. Invariably, dream recall skyrockets. The results are nothing less than starteling.


Like most Reed seminars, the weekend will be held at the Big House Lodge, in Rural Retreat, VA, USA.

The price is silly cheap. $300 buys it all. You will get three nights and two days of life changing amazement, great meals three times a day, the use of a good, comfortable bed in a beautiful, upstairs bedroom that overlooks several mountains ranges, a brand new dream journal and a fancy, hand made certificate letting the world know you are fully qualified to recreate a Dream Helper Ceremony of your own. Space is limited. Sign up now.